Video: Up your attendance

As soon as you close the books on your current conference, you’re already thinking about the next one. In fact, you may start planning ahead while you’re still immersed in your current project. One of the challenges we face in our busy world is getting attention: “Hey, our conference is terrific. You won’t ever regret setting aside the time and budget for this event. Don’t miss it.” Of course you have to be a lot more creative than this plea.

One way to build buzz way before your event is to use multimedia. In fact, the combination of blogging and other social media, plus audio and video, can propel you into conference growth mode, despite a sluggish economy.

In this video of my Webinar called “How to use new media to make the most of your event,” you’ll see and hear several examples of how conference organizers and event planners have used multimedia and social media before, during and after their events, to increase attendance, build excitement and add as much value as possible. I put this together to answer many of the questions I was hearing about conference podcasting, event promotion/marketing and so on. This presentation is designed for people who organize not only big conferences, but all-employee meetings, sales meetings and customer events too.

Questions about podcasting, social media and event success?
After you’ve had a chance to watch this video, call Donna Papacosta at Trafalgar Communications to book a complimentary, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation about your own event and how you can use social media and multimedia to increase attendance, produce relevant content, and boost your marketing efforts.

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