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Is your event social-media friendly?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

business man giving a conferenceOver the course of a typical year, I  attend several conferences, speak at a couple, and participate in others on behalf of clients – producing content, particularly podcasts. Since I’ve been in this arena for a few years, I’ve come to observe organizations that “get it” when it comes to employing social media and new media tools before, during and after an event. This “social-media friendly” list is by no means exhaustive, but it can serve as food for thought when you’re planning your next conference.

  • Is there an event blog and podcast? Have you produced audio and video content before the event, to build excitement? Do these include interviews with key speakers?
  • Are you as the organizer posting updates on Twitter before, during and after the event? Are you encouraging registrants to do so as well?
  • Are you creating audio podcasts and shooting video at your event? This can enhance the experience of those who are at the event, and help you to create marketing materials for next time.
  • Have you considered using a tool like CoverItLive to encourage live blogging?
  • Did you create a unique hashtag so that bloggers and Twitterers can use a uniform tag to refer to your event?
  • Does the venue have strong, freely available wifi?
  • Are there electrical outlets where attendees can recharge their laptops and other devices?

Please contribute your own comments!

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