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Why take the time to edit your multimedia content? Think of your audience.

Monday, September 14th, 2009


It’s very tempting to record a slew of audio and video before or during your conference and just slap it up onto your Web site. Why is it so appealing? Because it’s so dead easy. Easy for you. But you’re putting  a burden on your audience by doing so.

Let’s put yourself in the shoes of the potential attendee, OK? He’ s thinking of registering for your All About Widgets conference, which is just 90 days away. So he sits down with a cup of coffee to listen to your pre-conference audio. And what does he hear?

  • Lots of introductory babble that adds zero value.
  • One speaker is very loud and the other speaker is barely audible.
  • An interview guest who is obviously very smart, but who starts every sentence with a big “Uuuuummmmm.”

How long do you think he’s going to sit there and listen?
Instead, what if you took the time to:

  • Edit out the Ums and Ahs.
  • Trimmed the useless introductory fluff.
  • Evened out the volume so that the sound levels are consistent.
  • And maybe added a high-energy call to action at the end, to encourage the listener to register, maybe with the added enticement of a promotion code?

Think about it. If you want your organization to appear professional, and to be aware of the needs of your audience, you’ll take the time to edit, edit, edit. My example is about audio, but the same rules apply to video. In fact, with video, you have even more to think about. We’ll cover video editing in a future post.

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