Why podcast your conference?

Audio or video podcasts enhance the entire conference experience. From the moment you announce your conference, you can produce pre-conference podcasts to generate buzz and boost the number of registrants. While your event is underway, podcasts can become valuable content for your Web site, blog or other online presence, increasing traffic and building a wider audience. After the conference is over, podcasts show your potential audience what they missed and can encourage them to experience your conference next time. Of course, you can also repackage your podcasts and use them for many other purposes, including public relations and marketing, education and training.

What is a podcast anyway?

A podcast is an audio or video file that can be published online.

How is a podcast different from downloadable media?

The ability to subscribe is what makes a podcast special. After you create a podcast, you can publish it on your blog or Web site. You can also make it available on iTunes, and your audience members can subscribe for free. Content can also be published elsewhere, such as YouTube.

Why are podcasts so popular?

People like the versatility and portability of podcasts. There are all kinds of podcasts available, on topics from business and entertainment to finance and pets. You can listen at any time and anywhere. Of course with video, you need to watch the podcast too.

Do I need an iPod?

No! Despite the name, you do not need an iPod. You can listen to or watch podcasts on your computer or by using a portable device, which does not need to be an iPod.

How do you create a podcast?

Most simply, you need a microphone to record audio, and a computer and software to edit it. For video, add a camera and video-editing software.

What’s better? Audio or video?

The answer depends on the nature of the content you want to produce, as well as your budget and timelines. Is it visual? Do we need to see it? Not everyone wants to watch talking heads.

We want to produce multimedia content, but our IT department won’t help!

No worries. We can build a microsite for you on the WordPress platform, and we can also host your multimedia files for you. You can link to the microsite from your main Web page.

Is podcasting a do-it-yourself project?

You can certainly create your own podcast if you have the skill and the equipment. Compare it to desktop publishing: Not everyone with a copy of InDesign can produce a beautiful newsletter. Ditto: Not everyone with a copy of Audacity can create a nice-sounding podcast with solid content.

What services does PodcastYourConference offer?

Consulting: To help you plan the most effective conference possible, we’ll ask you about your audience, your goals, how you’ll measure success, and much more. We’ll also discuss your current use of social media and multimedia.

Planning and project management: We’ll develop strategies and tactics to ensure that your conference exploits the power of social media and multimedia to meet your goals.

Developing a microsite: We can quickly build a WordPress-based Web site for you, with an easy-to-use content management system, as a home for your multimedia content. Clients often choose this option when their own IT departments aren’t able (or willing) to develop a site that meets their needs.

Social media implementation: We can help you use blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more, to spread the word about your event and build a community.

Conference recording: We can record audio or video before or during the conference, including pre-conference interviews, a welcome message from your conference organizer, interviews with speakers and attendees, and more. This type of multimedia content can build excitement, boost attendance, and attract potential exhibitors.

Interviews from the conference floor: Our team can produce podcast content from the conference floor, with “man-in-the-street” interviews and other insights from attendees and speakers, which you can repurpose to use on your Web site and in your marketing and educational materials.

Editing: We can edit your audio or video so that it’s compelling and compact, removing speakers’ excessive ums and ahs and other verbal tics, improving overall quality, as well as adding introductions and calls to action.

Keynote narration: We can edit excepts of keynote speeches and add scripted narration (which we can write) to tie sections together so that it sounds like a professional news report or mini-documentary.

Scripting and voiceover services: We can add a professional introduction and a compelling call to action to increase the effectiveness of your podcast.

Do you specialize in a particular industry?

Members of our team have many years of experience working with a variety of organizations. Some areas in which we have particular expertise and deep understanding are IT/software/consulting, healthcare/life sciences/pharma, government and non-profits, and manufacturing.

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